Who Makes it Great?!

We head back to Boston in a few days. Wait, what … we’re just getting started, I’m sure of it. It’s been a fantastic adventure. For those of you who’ve been reading along, thanks for following our experiences vicariously through Colcord colored glasses.

To those of you who’ve shared in our journey, thanks for the memories!

The Koppermanns: Heiner and Anne …

The Himmlers: Harry and Claudia …

The Callahans: Steve and Amy …

The Kuliks: Heidi and Mark

The Berensons: Steve and Amy

along with Nate Berenson and Charlie Brown:

The Kanaars: Maurits and Anja

with Maartje, Sofie, and Max

The Byrnes: Justin and Cheryl

The Pickrells: Sue and Alan

Sam Foster (and Heiner, for a repeat performance)

Chris, Annie, and Brian! xo, xo, xo

The Kunsts: Nadja and Michael (and youngest, Lenard)

Recently, we were talking to our new Innsbruck friends, Harry and Claudia, while skiing at Seefeld Rosshütte, and they kindly offered up a fitting quote to sum up this year’s adventure: “Alles hat ein Ende – nur die Wurst hat zwei .”

Translation: “Everything has an end – except a sausage which has two.”