It’s a hunde’s life …

You may think I’m just lazing around the apartment all day with nothing to do. Not exactly the case. True confession, though … I have spent a couple of days under the bed due to getting stuck! For some reason, it’s easy to get under the bed but more difficult to get myself out from under it once I’m there … too bad I don’t know how to mediate; missed opportunity, for sure. For the most part, though, I have managed to make a great life for myself while the ‘roommates’ are off skiing and otherwise amusing themselves.

Prepositions are important: in this case, over is much better than under.

First order of business: try to look cute and friendly. This has proven to be a great tactic for getting noticed:

Pretty good start, don’t you agree?

Let’s see … the owners of our apartment building, the Kasperhof, have a 13 year old son named Hannes. He has come to be one of my best friends here. I’m not always sure what he’s saying, but he says it with kindness in his eyes. (Either that, or it’s just the sun glinting off his sunglasses.) One of my favorite things about Hannes is that he has his own horse. When Kevin and Dee were in Vienna, Hannes took me to meet Django. After this encounter, I no longer tolerate any complaints about shedding. Django has a LOT more hair than I do. Case closed. I’ve heard people refer to him as having 12 hands, but I only noticed 4 hooves. Maybe I just wasn’t being observant enough. In any case, Django was fun to get to know.

My best human friend has been Anne Koppermann. During her visit, she chose not to ski (knee injury, something about an old football injury, I think). That left her with plenty of time to take me for walks throughout the neighborhood. She was always saying sweet things to me (at least that was my translation for her German words). Anne even took me to a very popular restaurant nearby, called the Buzihütte, for a nice walk and some lunch. We both enjoyed the walk; only she enjoyed the lunch! I guess everyone’s on the same page re: not allowing me to have any ‘people’ food. That’s okay; I’m used to the program.

My friend, Anne. xo

One of my favorite weeks here has been when ‘the kids’ ~ at least that’s what Dee and Kevin refer to them as ~ came to visit. The apartment just came alive when they were here: lots of crossword puzzles, card games, board games, hugs, kisses, … you get the idea. If I were in charge, they would be here all the time.

Some of the Schatzi Fan Club members: Kevin, Brian*, Annie*, and Chris*
* aka ~ ‘the kids’

All in all, this has been a great adventure for me. We’ve had lots of company to keep me entertained while at the apartment. I’m also been so lucky to be able to go into stores, restaurants, and hotels. This has made me feel like I’m a real part of the family. I think I’m a changed dog; should be interesting to see how that plays out next time I try to join my gang at Maddie’s in Marblehead or Maison Robert in Boston. Can’t wait.

Enough said.

English phrase ~ see sign above.

German translation:

Hunde sind an diesem Ort willkommen ~ Menschen toleriert

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  1. Anne

    I have to add 2 things…..
    Injury is going back to my Wrestling years , not football …..and nobody will ever know if there wasn‘t any people food for my dog friend included at the Buzzi Hütte …..


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